09-20-2018 --> MGW Ace Decoder Version 1.6.0 Released

09-20-2018 --> MGW Ace Decoder Version 1.6.0 Released

Version Highlights:
  • DVB-ASI input support
  • Ancillary Data Support

    • Closed Captions: CEA-708 / CEA-608

    • Transport : RDD11 and ANSI/SCTE 128, ATSC A/72

    • Timecode (SMPTE12M-2) and AFD

  • Stream Forwarding: Decode UDP TS / Pro-MPEG / Zixi™ or DVB-ASI stream (HEVC or H.264) over baseband video while forwarding the stream for IPTV distribution.

  • AC-3 / Dolby audio pass-through

  • End-to-End Latency monitoring when paired with MGW Ace Encoder or MGW Diamond

  • Enhanced error resilience mode for artifact-free playback

  • Splash screen and “waiting for stream” banner on baseband video outputs (while in stop/playing mode)

  • SDI2 can be set as a primary output (HD/SD)

  • Customizable Notice & Consent banner at login

Additional information can be found in the attached PDF

The firmware upgrade is available at no charge to Platinum customers and to Gold customers running the same main branch version.
All other customers - please contact VITEC Support Team for additional information of how to purchase the upgrade.
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