06-APR-2020 --> MGW Ace Decoder Version 1.9.0 Released

06-APR-2020 --> MGW Ace Decoder Version 1.9.0 Released

Version Highlights:
- Audio Decoding:
      o 8x mono / 4x stereo audio decode (AAC-LC/AAC-ELD)
      o 16x mono / 8x stereo audio decode – Feature under license, available for units produced after March 2020
- Transport:
      o MPTS : Multi-program transport stream support with Service Program selection
      o HLS protocol
      o RTMP protocol
      o RTP ES with SDP file upload support (Session description Protocol)
      o Program selection per SDT table
- PCR clock mode for stable and reproduceable end-to-end latency
- KLV metadata over SDI: embed KLV metadata from your IP stream in the SDI output – Feature under license
- On-Screen-Display
      o Custom images can be loaded during Stop and Playing modes
- DNS support
- Web UI improvements:
      o TLS1.2 support only
      o Ability to change the source stream without a stop
      o Ping support for connectivity check with remote appliances
      o Appliance name
- Zixi library: SDK v.12.4.35905
- SRT Library : v1.3.1
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