05-17-2017 --> MGW Blade System (MGWxx00) Version 9.1 Release Notes

05-17-2017 --> MGW Blade System (MGWxx00) Version 9.1 Release Notes

Version Highlights:

  Cluster Manager

  •  Supports HDMI matrix (Kramer).

  •   Supports VX and MX matrixes (Imagine communication) including logical configurations.


MGW x100

 MGES6000 - New Encoding Flavor - MGES6000 TS.

  •  Reduced COGS. Improving cost structure by offering only essential features, allowing cost effective pricing.
    • Supports up to Four HD channels.
    • Supports Single Audio track per Channel (compared to two Audio tracks per channel in full encoding flavors).
    • Supports primary channel with no Secondary channel.


   Advantech Controller - Linux-based Controller

  • Improved Performance & Throughput capable of streaming up to 750Mbits/sec.

Additional information can be found in the attached PDF
The firmware upgrade is available at no charge to Platinum customers and to Gold customers running the same main branch version.
All other customers - please contact VITEC Support Team for additional information of how to purchase the upgrade.