02-08-2019 --> MGW Diamond / MGW Diamond TOUGH Version 1.6.0 Released

02-08-2019 --> MGW Diamond / MGW Diamond TOUGH Version 1.6.0 Released

Version Highlights:

- Captures, Encodes and Streams up to 4 discrete sources (SDI / Composite inputs)

- Hardware HEVC and H.264 video encoding
      o Low Latency Encoding mode
      o On-the-fly bitrate change
      o Up to 8 encoding engines
      o Regulation: CBR and VBR
      o Support up to 4:2:2, 10-bit encoding
      o Profiles: Baseline, Main, High

- Audio Encoding:
      o SDI Embedded audio or Analog Audio input
      o x1 AAC-LC Encoded audio stereo pair per channel

- Enhanced encoder configuration for a perfect match of the stream quality based on your application and the available bandwidth
      o Up to 17 encoding resolutions available
      o Encoding frame rate down sampling from 60 fps down to 1 fps with1 frame granularity.

- Streaming Channels performance:
      o 4 channels configuration: up to 4x 1080p60 (Primary)
      o 8 channels configuration: up to 4x1080p30 (Primary) with up to 4x720p30 (Secondary)

- Streaming Protocols
      o UDP TS
      o RTP TS
      o RTP ES (RTSP)
      o Zixi Stream transport:
            ▪ Zixi Point-to-Point with VITEC Playout Server or MGW Ace Decoder
            ▪ Zixi ABR (Adaptive Bitrate): Auto adaptive bitrate configuration based on available transmission link bandwidth.
            ▪ Zixi Low Latency: Stream over The Internet / lossy network with best-in-class latency
      o Pro-MPEG Forward Error Correction (SMPTE 2022-8)
      o Unicast/Multicast

- Real time AES Encryption with 128-bit or 256-bit key support

- KLV Metadata:
      o KLV Sources
            ▪ KLV over SDI from 4 independent sources
            ▪ KLV over IP from 8 independent sources
            ▪ KLV over Serial from 4 independent sources
      o KLV ingest for each streaming channel

- End-to-End Latency Monitoring feature when paired with MGW Ace Decoder

- Customizable Notice & Consent banner at login (DISA requirement)

- Network support:
      o 1x Gigabit Ethernet ports for streaming and/or management (2x MGW DIamond TOUGH)
      o 1x SFP port for Gigabit Ethernet over RJ45 or Fiber-Optic (MGW Diamond)
      o DHCP / Static modes

- Management:
      o HTTPS Web interface
      o HTTPS Rest API
      o CLI over SSH (Command Line Interface)
      o System configurations with Auto Start

Additional information can be found in the attached PDF